related projects
  • BuoyRR is a residency and retreat program for artists in Deep River, Connecticut. Photo credits: Walter Wlodarczyk
  • I offer intuitive tarot readings tailored to your individual questions, desires, and needs.
  • A collectively curated exhibit featuring materials from the John J Wilcox, Jr. archives, the Trans Oral History Project, and private collections.
  • #freewitch is a sticker project, casting spells into the universe to heal stale notions of love, shame, fear, guilt, and more.
  • Whose Streets Our Streets is a smart phone enabled walking tour featuring sites of queer resistance in New York City.
  • 8 feet wide, 12 inches deep, red lipstick. Photo credit: Charley Parden
  • Consider pop music, the internet, novels, hystory, reality tv plot lines, sex, art and more without the perpetual presence of love? Photo credit: Charley Parden
  • YoncĂ©-A-Day is a project I performed throughout January 2014; I lip-synched one BeyoncĂ© song every day for 31 days.
wesley flash by teslathemes