I offer intuitive tarot readings tailored to your individual questions, desires, and needs. I read using the Collective Tarot deck and a typical sit-down includes an analysis of your present situation or question within the narrative of tarot, making references to astrological components and intuitive signs. In a session with me, you can choose from 25 different spreads for laying the cards which speak to your reason for coming to the table. You’ll receive a photo of the cards plus the description of the chosen spread for your reference. My practice is cultivated from personal study, shared space with other witches, and intuitive knowing.

Tarot Readings are $25 to $75*, sliding scale. They last about one hour and are best held in quiet spaces. I give readings IRL in PHL and NYC. I also give video chat readings via Skype or GoogleChat for those just out of reach. I accept cash, check or Paypal.

*[If you want to trade body work (massage, tattoo, energy), food you harvest, or other surprises, let’s discuss.]

To schedule a reading or to ask any questions write me at wesleyflash[at]gmail[dot]com

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I absolutely love to give tarot readings. Here are some affirmations of my work from my valued clients.

My last reading with Wes took place at a time in my life rife with external changes, there were so many questions that I had ceased to question.  The reading itself rang very true: Wes' compassionate words seemed vaguely to elucidate a great truth about my situation that I perhaps was not ready to accept.  It wasn't for a few weeks that the real power of the reading came to fruition.  The impression that the reading left on me gave me the confidence to make a very important decision, and helped me imagine a beautiful vision of the future and the path I must take to get there.
─ Anonymous
I have never felt more psychically nurtured during a happening than in my reading with Wesley.
─ Ellen
I came to Wesley Flash at a time when I was confused by a hazy fog of life mess. Wesley gently sheparded me through a tarot reading, and I found my path illuminated by hope and choice and possibility and fabulousness and my own power. Wesley doesn't tell you what's up, he utilizes tarot to help you look around and notice the compost, the weeds, the flowers of the garden that you yourself are growing. Wes can do this because he is an astute and caring listener, caretaker of queer peoples in multiple dimensions, and has his hands in some seriously witchy shit in the meanwhile.
─ Jessica
Honestly, I first went to Wesley as a "party trick" with a friend.  We had gone to other mediums and readers together for a few months at that time, comparing notes later on how those sessions had fallen flat.  Wesley's amazing reading was much much different from those other experiences.  It was a powerful experience with some surprising insights on several fronts for both my friend and I, opening the door to an intense and productive processing session afterwards.  Wesley has given me multiple readings at this point.  I can sincerely say that I have emotionally grown from sessions with him and engage with the world in a different & better way.  I am deeply grateful for his messages and connections to loving and healing magic.
─ Connie
Wes helped me during a time of great confusion when I was unsure of how to move forward. When I met with him I was honestly a bit skeptical about tarot but, I was quickly convinced. His reading was incredibly accurate and his interpretation of the cards was deeply perceptive. In the end, I felt like we shared a crucial moment in my life and the space we created together felt heavy with potential. Wes tapped into some truths that I generally keep tucked inside, protected. He is very tuned in to the spirit of the person he works with, as well as something greater, something larger than himself. I will continue to consider Wes a precious spiritual resource and encourage anyone seeking guidance to consult with this great talent! Wes is a reader with a truly honest and open heart. He is bound to help you. It is what he was meant to do.
I had my first tarot card reading with Wesley about two to three years ago and now try to see him regularly for readings.  Having a reading with Wesley has provided me with some of the deepest insight about not only the pathways I am on, but about myself as a person as well.  His readings are comforting and challenging at once, and show me the ways that I can impact others and myself in positive ways, or how to cope with circumstances that are challenging, unexpected or new.  I appreciate that Wesley is upfront about keeping my readings confidential and is also open to answering questions after the reading is over and creates a safe atmosphere to sometimes talk about difficult issues.  It's also clear that Wesley is deeply in tune with energy that is powerful and uses that energy to serve people in positive and caring ways.  I don't consider myself a very spiritually grounded person, but when I am in the presence of Wesley his energy is very abundant and calming.  I highly recommend a visit with him.
Wesley Flash has a connection to spirit that allows him to read cards in such a way that you can feel the truth/your guides/the 'answers' to your queries fill up the space...even when you're miles apart. Wesley reads for me over vid chat, and though I was skeptical at first (not because of his ability, because I had never heard of a vid chat reading...) - I now experience no difference between IRL and virtual readings. I cannot recommend him more highly, and if you've been drawn to this website, and you're reading this testimonial - your guides may be trying to tell you something...

wesley flash by teslathemes