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PRIDE PARADE! is a queer storytelling adventure through historic hotspots in Center City Philadelphia. During this interactive walking tour, we’ll swing by the hotel that hosted the inaugural gay rights conference in the US, visit the largest pride mural in the world, and meet the first Black drag queen to headline a gayborhood bar stage...and more. Coming September 2017 in the Philly Fringe!
Meditations on the Stonewall Riots featuring Judy Garland, Sylvia Rivera, and Nelson Sullivan.

BuoyRR is a residency and retreat program for artists in Deep River, Connecticut. Photo credits: Anna Beeke & Walter Wlodarczyk
I offer intuitive tarot readings tailored to your individual questions, desires, and needs.
A collectively curated exhibit featuring materials from the John J Wilcox, Jr. archives, the Trans Oral History Project, and private collections.
#freewitch is a sticker project, casting spells into the universe to heal stale notions of love, shame, fear, guilt, and more.
Whose Streets Our Streets is a smart phone enabled walking tour featuring sites of queer resistance in New York City.
8 feet wide, 12 inches deep, red lipstick. Photo credit: Charley Parden
A tribute piece to Jewel and you.

Consider pop music, the internet, novels, hystory, reality tv plot lines, sex, art and more without the perpetual presence of love? Photo credit: Charley Parden
Ms. Tension Hxt a Witch Director/Editor: Wesley Flash

Yoncé-A-Day is a project I performed throughout January 2014; I lip-synched one Beyoncé song every day for 31 days.
wesley flash by teslathemes